I am not unaware that I have often been a controversial figure.I have been accused of lack of nationalism and political awareness because I considered that independence must wait until a country has the resources to support and make a success of independence.I have been accused of conservatism because I believe in retaining all that is good in our old traditions and customs and refusing to copy all aspects of other alien civilasations.I have been accused of many things,but the views of others have never made me deviate from the path which I am certain is the one which will benefit my people and country.I have always based my actions on my inward convictions,on my conscience and on the dictates of my religion-Ahmadu Bello

ArewaVoices,desiring to trust and enjoy Majilisa of one another,desiring to promote the interests of Arewa,committed to and guided by deep sense honesty,justice,committed to excellence in performance and convinced that we can build a stronger economic,political and social community in Arewa,Nigeria and around the world to pledge to promote the unity,progress and empowerment of the Arewa people in Nigeria. 






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ArewaVoices formally known as (HausaEcircles) is a humble effort to serve the
informational, communication, cultural, educational,
economic, political and social needs of the world
Arewa community in the 21st century. We are dedicated
to make ArewaVoices an information portal site on the
internet that is pure, clean and "worthy of its name




Allah Ya Jikan Gamji !